About Us

High price Gold Pvt. Ltd.,

High price Gold company is a startup and vibrant entrant to the gold trading business. Our long-term vision of addressing the problems faced by the public, who want to sell their used gold at a fair rate..

High Price Gold

Though the customers are buying gold and silver in a random way, Our vision is to set up his business in a most professional manner. By installing karat(Gold Purity) checking machines equipped with modern German XRF technology in each and every branch, High price gold company clearly wants to set a milestone in the old/used Gold buying business.

High price gold company has decided to take some positive steps towards creating a world-class business environment, by which there will be an opportunity to satisfy the needy people who want to sell their gold in a most transparent environment with the best possible rates. Our group, with 8 years of industry experience, is aiming to provide financial assistance to the customers who want instant spot cash for gold for best price.

Disclaimer: Trying to sell stolen or spurious articles is a criminal offense, Sellers must provide proper documentation to transact.We do not entertain minors under any circumstances. Persons between the age 18 to 23 years must have consent of their family members to transact. Verification will be done if necessary.